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About Hospital Patient Navigator

Our PatientAider app is available for free from the iOS App Store and from Google Play. Designed for effortless ease-of-use and with exclusive, clinically-curated content, PatientAider can be a valuable source of medical information for your upcoming hospital stay. PatientAider cuts through confusing medical jargon and gives you plain-English explanation of common items you may encounter (or to be watchful for!) while in the hospital, including:

  • Communication strategies - Asking, listening and understanding.
  • The most common medical errors made in hospitals.
  • Helpful videos featuring clinical experts and links to additional medical information.
  • Stress reduction techniques.

If you or someone you love is heading to the hospital soon, make sure to download PatientAider. It will no doubt come in handy!

Our team

Mari Miceli

Mari is a volunteer at the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and a registered nurse. She is an Appeals Coordinator at the University of Vermont Medical Center with over 15 years of healthcare experience. Mari graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell with a B. S. in Nursing and the University of Illinois with a B. F. A. in Industrial Design. Prior to healthcare, she was a stay at home mom and an artist for her own company, Organica Beads, making glass beads and jewelry. Mari also worked as a packaging designer for 7 years.

John McConnell

John McConnell is currently an Enterprise Architect at the University of Vermont Medical Center, where he has also been a Windows Systems Engineer and ASP.Net web developer since 2001. He also has taughtat Champlain College and runs Faster Than Light Technologies, a health-care and technology consulting firm. John lives in Middlesex, VT with his wife and daughters and three cats he pretends to dislike. He lives on twitter at john0831vt and blogs at